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26 May 2007 @ 18:58
Birthday yarn!  
It was my birthday on Wednesday, so I treated myself to a visit to Bobbins in Whitby. I wanted to buy some Colinette Prism to make the Melinda cardigan from the Wayfarer book - I nearly bought some the last time I was there, but they only had five skeins in the colour I fancied, and it takes six. They offered to order in the extra skein and post it to me, but I don't trust Colinette's colours that much, so I left it. But this time they had plenty, so I bought the requisite six skeins, in the Sunrise colourway. See how different mine is to the one in their photo?

This is the cardigan it's going to turn into, hopefully fairly soon as it'll be ideal for summer evenings.

I like some Colinette yarns a lot, but there are others that don't do anything for me. Until Wednesday I'd have put Wigwam firmly in the second camp, but there was a lacy cardigan knitted up in it, which I liked so much I bought six skeins there and then to make it. The colourway is Earth, this time their photo's closer to mine.

Bobbins supply a photocopy of the pattern if you buy the yarn, and it wasn't until I arrived home that I realised that there wasn't a photo of the finished object with the pattern - if I'd realised I would have taken a photo of the one on display. The pattern is called Picardy, I didn't catch the name of the book it was taken from, but it looked very old and was almost falling to pieces. So of course I had to cast on - I was trying to resist until Tulip was finished, but I couldn't quite manage it, and this afternoon I started. Just to see how the pattern came out, you understand.

The pattern looked complicated written down, but it's actually easy enough to do in front of the television. I'm presuming I've got it right, with no photo to compare with it's hard to be absolutely sure, but it looks okay to me. It's a reasonably long straight cardigan with short sleeves and a button at the neck. The wigwam is nice to knit with - it's a bit like knitting with soft shoe laces, which is a little disconcerting at first, but I soon got used to it. I think it would be very quick to do stocking stitch with it, although I'm not sure I'd like the result as much. I've not bothered with the using two balls thing, I'm keeping a close eye on it though, and if it does start pooling at any point, out will come the second ball.

Due to Post Office woes, rosealare's birthday present to me didn't arrive till Friday, but it was worth waiting for, as it had lovely squishy parcels brought back from Foreign Parts, containing (amongst other things) gorgoeus Handmaiden yarn. Such as this

50g of soooooft cashmere, so strokable I've had it on the sofa next to me ever since. There's a hat pattern with it, but I'm undecided about its final use - I may appreciate the softness of it even more in a scarf, I'm just not sure if there's enough. Decisions, decisions....

There was also this

A mixed skein of blue faced leicester and mohair to make snuggly socks - I can see me wearing them all winter instead of slippers.

Also in the post of Friday was my Rowan membership free gift - I didn't bother with last year's, as it was a cabled bag in Handknit Cotton, which did absolutely nothing for me, but this year's gift is four balls of All Season's Cotton to make either a waistcoat (which I don't like) or a wavy wrap (which I do like).

Not sure when I'll get round to it, but hey, one day it'll be done.

The Tulip top is coming along, I've done the back and one front, but I was getting a bit bored of it, so a break to play with Colinette is just the thing.

I'm pleased with the shoulders, I did short row shaping and a three needle bind off for the first time, but it won't be the last, the finish is so neat compared to casting off in steps, no matter how neatly I manage to do the slope it never lies quite right.

slb44 on 26th May 2007 19:29 (UTC)
Happy belated birthday!

You've got a lot of lovely yarn there. *admires yarn some more*

I'll be interested in learning what your final verdict on the finished Wigwam cardigan is. Like you I have a disparate reaction to the Colinette yarns and I'm always interested to get another opinion. Plus there's nothing like seeing the finished product.
minniemollknits on 27th May 2007 08:18 (UTC)
Thank you! I'm very pleased with my yarn haul...

I will keep you updated on the Wigwam, I'm pleased with it so far, it's making a nice smooth fabric, although it's perhaps a *little* stiff. I think that the lacy pattern is what the yarn needs to stop it looking like knitted shoe laces.
claire_smith on 26th May 2007 20:06 (UTC)
Oooh, I am in love with everything here!

I started knitting with Wigwam for the first time last night - an odd ball from one of Colinette's random bags. I'd been avoiding it for ages, but I'm really pleased with how it's knitting up. I'm making a lacy scarf.
minniemollknits on 27th May 2007 08:19 (UTC)
I'm loving it quite a lot myself *g*

If I hadn't seen the cardigan knitted up, there's no way I'd have considered buying the Wigwam - the power of marketing. Do post photos of your scarf.
callmemadam on 26th May 2007 21:17 (UTC)
Lovely Colinette. Have you tried Tagliatelle? I saw a sweater I liked in it but it looked rather tape-y for me.

Many happpies for lats Wednesday. LJ used to make it easy to remember your friends' birthdays but then the link disappeared. I think they've fiddled around with it again but I can't keep up with things changing all the time.
minniemollknits on 27th May 2007 08:22 (UTC)
Tagliatelle is one that I really don't like - it looks as though you've torn up your old t-shirts and made them into a jumper, all those rough edges. This is neater, and is showing the lacy pattern nicely.

LJ have introduced a new thing where they'll email you reminder of your friends' birthdays. The only one I've had so far came at 11pm on the actual birthday, so not desparately reliable....
(Deleted comment)
minniemollknits on 27th May 2007 08:23 (UTC)
It was a lovely birthday, I have more photos which I will post when I get round to it.

The shawl pattern is easy, although it does require a certain amount of concentration. You knit two rows, then do a row of wrapping the yarn round the needle a varying amount of times before each stitch, then do a row of knit, dropping the wraps from the previous row to make the straight bits between the rows. If that makes any sense at all....
callmemadam on 27th May 2007 08:38 (UTC)
I've done a hat and a scarf like this: It's easy, honest.
princessanna1 on 27th May 2007 09:11 (UTC)
Happy belated birthday! I knew it was in May, but couldn't remember when (although I suppose I could have asked)

I think I'm like you, I wouldn't have looked twice at the wigwam in Bobbins, but it is looking nice knitted up. I like the pattern. Perhaps washing it will soften it, when you've finished. Some tape-y yarns are like that.
(Deleted comment)