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16 July 2007 @ 20:01
Colinette Prism cardigan  

I bought the yarn for this from Bobbins in Whitby at the end of May (see this post), and took it on holiday with me in June. Having looked at the sizing, and the finished measurements, I decided to do the 38" size, which would apparently finish at an actual measurement of 43.5", which seemed plenty. Luckily by the time I actually came to cast on, I'd completely forgotten this refinement, and cast on for the 40" size as normal. I started with the back, and carefully watched the fabric for pooling (none to notice, for a change with Colinette) and was about half way up when it occurred to me to check my tension. Which was coming out too tight at that point (although blocking seems to have sorted it out, stitchwise at least, the rows are still out), but I liked the look of the fabric, and remembered my original cunning plan to cast on a smaller size, so decided that a bigger size coming out smaller should be just what I wanted. If that makes any sense at all - it did at the time. But this through up all sorts of questions about whether or not I'd have enough yarn, so when I came to the end of the first hank I spent ages working out how many stitches there were per piece, and how many I'd got out of the first hank, and doing all sorts of adding up to try and work it out. It seemed okay (even after I realised that I'd have to cast on more stitches for the sleeves to make them the right size, and worked that out too). Thankfully it's a fairly basic pattern to start with.

The Prism is lovely to work with, it's a thick and thin yarn, mainly wool with a thin piece of cotton wrapped round, which produces a nice tweedy fabric.

The bottoms and edges are all in moss stitch, and there are flattering vents at the bottoms of the side seams. It's just as well the yarn didn't pool, I'm not sure how you'd go about alternating two balls when both sides are finished edges and the yarn carried up the side can't be hidden in the seam.

And the collar is moss stitch too. I made it a little longer than the pattern, about five inches I think. The beauty of doing it on a circular needle was that I could just keep trying it on until it looked right.

The sleeves are semi set-in, with a little shaping at the underarm.

I'm pleased with the buttons, they finish it off nicely.

I think Mollie approves.

I'm really pleased with this cardigan, it's lovely to wear, although perhaps just a tad too small (it will be fine when I've lost a bit of weight. Honest.) I enjoyed knitting it, and with the weather we're having at the moment, it's already had a fair bit of wear. It is rubbing up a little, which is a shame, but unless it gets very bad I have plans to make another one, in more autumy colours, and a bit bigger next time. I used just under six skeins. The pattern is Melinda from the Colinette Wayfarer book, and I used 6mm Addi Turbos.

ETA - I've just remembered something else, slightly bizarrely the back has 81 stitches, yet the fronts only have 39 stitches each, making 78. Then the button bands overlap by 5 stitches, so you're down to 73, eight stitches less than the back, which is very odd. I cast on a couple of extra stitches on each front, and fudged the neck shaping to get back down to the correct number for the shoulder seams (and remembered to pick up extra stitches for the collar!), but I think that I should have gone for an extra four on each side, to even it up completely, this could be why it's feeling a bit small.
slb44 on 16th July 2007 20:09 (UTC)
Very nice.

I always appreciate learning what other folks think about the Colinette yarns since I love the look of them but have heard horror stories about pooling, wear, etc. so seeing such a lovely finished product helps balance that out.

I'm particularly surprised by how much I like the finished garment in that colour. It's not something I'd pick up but it looks much more enticing in a garment then in the hank.
minniemollknits on 16th July 2007 21:48 (UTC)
Thank you!

I'm a bit like that with Colinette too - I love them in the hanks, but they're very variable to work with. But I am very pleased with this one, it's very cosy and comfy. Although I've just remembered something which could explain why it's a little tight, I've amended the entry to add it.

I'm not sure that I would have chosen the colourway, but they had one made up in Bobbins, and I really liked it. It goes very well with jeans and a white t-shirt.
(Anonymous) on 17th July 2007 06:32 (UTC)
I love this cardigan! What a wonderful blend of colours.
I'm not sure I agree with the maths here though.
Since only the button bands overlap, isn't your front 39 +39 +5 =83sts?
minniemollknits on 17th July 2007 09:51 (UTC)
Thanks! But no, you need to take the five stitches off, as that's the overlap - each front is 34 stitches plus 5 stitches for the border, but one border lies on top of the other, so the total width of the front is 34 + 34 + 5 = 73 stitches.
(Deleted comment)
(Anonymous) on 19th June 2008 18:50 (UTC)
Colinette Prism cardigan
Hello Helen,
I too have made this cardigan, ironically I also bought the yarn from Bobbins of Whitby. I chose to use shade Monet (lovely greens, pinks and purples.. gorgeous - I love the colour.) but like you found it turned out a 'neat' fit despite making it in what I thought was a generous size.I made it last summer (07) and althought I haven't worn it masses I agree that it has gone a bit bobbly round the boobs.... A bit disappointing considering its a really useful pattern.
Did you ever make the second cardy in autumn colours? How are they both wearing?
minniemollknits on 19th June 2008 21:54 (UTC)
Re: Colinette Prism cardigan
Hello, hope you see this - lj doesn't give me email addresses to reply to. I did buy the yarn for the second cardi, but that's as far as I've got. I do wear the first one quite a lot - I had it on today - but I do wish it was a little bigger at the front. I have to defuzz it from time to time, but it's a comfy favourite.