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17 July 2007 @ 20:00
New toy!  
But a free one for once, until I get sucked into the paid version, which isn't at all unlikely, given how much I like bells and whistles. I've been getting increasingly excited by Ravelry, I don't have my invite yet, but there's only 1074 people ahead of me in the queue (compared to about 9000 behind me), so it shouldn't be long. But Ravelry uses Flickr to host photos, so I've been preparing by uploading my photos to Flickr, which is great fun. I've uploaded most of my finished objects, apart from the early fluffy scarves, and a few other things. I'm not entirely sure how many views of an object you can have on Ravelry, so I've not gone mad yet, but give me time.

And then tonight I decided to sort out my works in progress and photograph them - I joked to kerrilouise the other day that I had 15 WIPs, I thought I was exaggerating, but I wasn't far out, I have 14! I really mustn't start anything else until I'm at least down to single figures. Okay, so of them are only *just* started, but it's still scary. They're all here - they all have descriptions underneath, if you click on the first small photo, and then scroll through using the two little photos on the right it seems to work. Or there's a slideshow, but that doesn't give the descriptions.

Now I need to photograph my stash - that's going to be the really scary bit! But it'll be lovely to be able to look at it all at once and see what I've got without having to try and visualise it from a spreadsheet or pull it all out from under the stairs.

Flickr also tells you how many people have looked at your photos, and other members can leave comments, which is all good fun. There are thousands of knitting photos on there - searching for clapotis brings up 3814 results - and I haven't uploaded my big clapotis yet! I can see many hours being wasted on there, and I expect that Ravelry will be much, much worse....