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28 July 2007 @ 19:33
I'm in!  
After a week of checking obsessively, my Ravelry invite eventually came last night, just as I was about to turn off my laptop and go to bed. So of course I stayed up for another hour, playing and trialing uploading projects. It's great fun, I've spent most of today messing about on there, I have most of my finished objects and works in progress on, although they need a bit of tweaking in terms of adding needle sizes, yarn colours, links to blog posts etc. And I've done one box of stash, I think the one with the most number of small bits of yarn in it. Only three more to go.

There are a lot of little things which could and probably will be improved, but overall it looks very good. It's great to be able to click on a yarn and see what other people have used it for, and to see things you've made or are thinking of making. And as more people come online, the better it will get.

I've only had the briefest of glances at the forums, but they look like a huge time eater, as though I need another one, and I haven't investigated the groups at all, although kerrilouise is browsing through them and coming up with some very odd sounding ones....

My username is Minniemoll. I meant to be Minniemollknits to fit in with here, but it was late and I was excited...