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03 July 2007 @ 15:58
Lacy days  

So, I was browsing knitting blogs a week or so ago, as I do far too regularly, when I spotted some beautiful hand-dyed 4 ply yarn on Anni's blog. She said she'd just listed it in her etsy shop, so I popped straight over there, and managed to buy both skeins. I tried to photograph it in the skein, but it didn't come out well - there are better photos here. It arrived very quickly, and I spent a couple of days admiring it and thinking that it was too good for socks, and eventually it popped its head up and screamed 'shawl!' at me. Lots of people have done the Forest Canopy shawl, so I decided to have a go at that one. That was last Wednesday night, I cast on straight away, and after an hour or so, once I managed to get my head round the fact that the cast on was at the middle of the straight edge, I had this.


I knitted at it furiously over the next few days, and by yesterday I had this.

The stitches weren't looking very lacy.

I finished the border (one huge cast off row!) and it turned into a triangle, but not a very big one. The cast off was a bit hairy, this was the yarn left over. I do have another skein, so I wasn't sweating too much, but I didn't really want to have to go into it.

This is it on my new toy, blocking boards from the Early Learning Centre of all places. They think it's a children's play mat, but I know better.

But the magic of lace is the blocking, a quick soak and lots of pins later, and I had something much more shawl-like.

Much more lacy.

It seemed to dry very quickly, and I was dying to take the pins out last night, but I resisted until today. One more the tree gets to model.

Moll wasn't very interested in this one. Perhaps she's more of a scarf girl. She could have a point actually, I'm not sure when I'm actually going to wear this, but it's very pretty. Maybe I'll just admire it a lot.

See how it blows in the breeze. It's so delicate, I can hardly imagine actually wearing it.

It reminds me of a peacock, the diamonds look like the eyes on a peacock's tail, and the colours are nearly right.

In all its glory. It measures 56" x 30". I did three extra repeats of the pattern, and used just under 100g of 4ply yarn (so just under 400m). I used 5mm Brittany Birch needles.

I really enjoyed knitting this, the pattern was easy to memorise and to see where you were. I lived dangerously and didn't bother with lifelines, thankfully I only made one mistake which I managed to fix a couple of rows later. I was a little unhappy that the decreases weren't symmetrical on both sides of the centre line (they all slope the same way) but now it's blocked it's much less obvious.

ankaret on 3rd July 2007 15:28 (UTC)
My, that's beautiful. And so is Mollie, of course.
minniemollknits on 4th July 2007 21:09 (UTC)
Thank you! From me and from Moll...
(Anonymous) on 3rd July 2007 18:17 (UTC)
Wow, gorgeous shawl. Didn't realise it was my yarn at first when I saw the thread on Crafty Yarns. It knitted up lovely. Anni
rosealare on 4th July 2007 06:01 (UTC)
Want! So pretty :)I wonder what Mollie thought of it...
kerrilouise on 4th July 2007 10:33 (UTC)
Oh so pretty.

Very impressed as always.

mimmimmim on 4th July 2007 16:37 (UTC)
That's really lovely. You have much more patience than I do for blocking!
minniemollknits on 4th July 2007 21:08 (UTC)
Thank you! I was very tempted to pull the pins out early, but I forced myself not too :)
(Anonymous) on 4th July 2007 18:35 (UTC)
It come out beautiful. You can always wear it like a scarf by tying it around your neck and shifting it so the point is in the front just slightly off-center. I wear mine like that all the time.

minniemollknits on 4th July 2007 21:06 (UTC)
Thank you! It's a lovely pattern, thank you for selling it! I've tried it like you suggest, it looks good. I've already cast on for another one, in the seasilk left over from the Montego Bay scarf, so it won't be as big. But it's nice to play with.
(Anonymous) on 4th July 2007 19:28 (UTC)
You are turning out some amazing knitting. Really lovely work. Nice blog too, and thanks for your comment on mine, btw. Good to meet you! Now I know where you are I'll be a regular. RachelL http://beelzebubknits.blogspot.com
minniemollknits on 4th July 2007 21:07 (UTC)
Re: Wow
Thank you! I don't update too often, mostly just when I've finished something.